Boarding Your Pet: Checklist to Help You Choose

Boarding Kennel Checklist

Your pet is a part of your family, but there may be times when you must have him or her stay behind. This can be a difficult decision. Don’t wait. Start checking out local boarding kennels long before you need one. Your veterinarian is probably the best source for recommendations. To ease your apprehension, we’ve done some research for you. We have created a checklist and rating sheet to help you compare your options. You want to ask questions and make careful observations of the staff and environment. You can download and print out this FREE pdf of our checklist. Take a copy with you when you tour a potential boarding kennel. You want to visit at least three potential places, ask certain important questions that we’ve provided, and also rate your observations of the facilities. With our quick rating system, you can tally scores for easier decision making. Whatever is most important to you and your pet can be prioritized according to the conversations you have with the staff. You’ll be able to easily compare your choices using this checklist.

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Boarding Kennel Checklist Free Download

We hope this helps and takes away the stress of choosing the best home away for your beloved pet.

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