‘Consider the Flowers’ FREE 2019 Colorable Botanical Calendar

We are gearing up for another new year! We have a special gift for all of those who are subscribed to our email newsletter. Rinne has hand drawn 12 flower illustrations and Momma has designed a print-your-own & color 2019 calendar!

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This 8.5 x 11 inch, trimmable to 8 x 10 inch, colorable 2019 “Consider the flowers of the field” calendar can be delivered each month to your inbox—and we’ve got some suggestions for how to best utilize this free printable calendar. We tell you how to use it in an 8.5 x 11 magnetic holder for the fridge, and also how you can easily trim it to 8 x 10, according to the corner marks we’ve provided, and place it in an acrylic stand-up frame for your desk. 

FREE 2019 Colorable Calendar

First, we recommend printing the calendar pages on card stock instead of just printer paper. It’s easier to slide into a holder or frame when it’s on stiffer paper. After you print the month page, color it with markers (we used this set), pencils or even crayons. This is your chance to have fun with it! Before sliding the page into the holder or frame, you can plan and write on the paper calendar—any special dates and events that won’t change are great for this. 

For applying to your refrigerator, you can simply use your own magnets. But an even better idea is to slide the month page into a magnetic photo-pocket to protect it from your family using the fridge. We found these magnetic photo-pockets that work great. The surface of these magnetic photo-pockets can be written on with a dry erase or chalk marker, but we found that you will want to use a marker with a fine point tip. We also found a Sharpie permanent marker to be an even better option for writing on these plastic fridge sheets because it won’t rub off easily like the dry erase or chalk markers do. 

You may be asking. When next month rolls around, “How do I remove permanent ink from the plastic surface?” We’ve got a cool trick for that!

Simply write on the surface with a fine point Sharpie marker (any color). If there’s a date event that needs changing, simply scribble over the Sharpie marker writing with a dry erase marker and wipe off with a dry paper towel. This will remove the permanent ink marker! We did find that certain brands of red-colored dry erase markers tend to leave a light pink coloration to the plastic. So, we suggest using a cool color like green or blue for the dry erase marker. Expo brand dry erase markers worked great!

Now for the office… Each calendar page has corner marks indicating where to trim so that your page will be 8 x 10. Line up your paper cutter to the outside marks of the corners and you’ll have a perfect size page for any 8 x 10 frame. These acrylic frames can also be written on with dry erase, Sharpie or chalk markers. And they can be removed in the same way as we already described for the magnetic photo-pockets.

2019 Free Colorable Botanical Calendar

These frames are available at Hobby Lobby. If you prefer writing directly on the paper instead of the frame, the nice thing about these frames, is the ease of sliding the pages in and out of the frame.

We hope that each month you’ll enjoy using these free calendars. Be sure to share links with your friends so they can sign up too!

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