5 Ingredient Fix Best Dressing Ever

How to Make Sweet Cornbread & Sage Dressing for an Unforgettable Holiday Meal (Part 1 of 3)

Thanks to all of the attention my “Thanksgiving Memories” blog post has gotten with the 5 Ingredient Fix, Best Dressing Ever on Pinterest, I decided to write about our family favorite Sweet Cornbread and Sage Dressing! You can read about the recipe and also watch … Read more

family schedule planner

How to Create A Family Schedule for Work & School at Home

How to plan and organize your family’s schedules! Are you working from home and possibly schooling from home too? Today, with COVID-19 guidelines, many have been unexpectedly thrown into the world of working from home and having their children school from home. I want to … Read more

How to Use My Simple Family Meal Planning System

How to Use My Simple Family Meal Planning System

Are you struggling to plan meals and cook for your family? I share with you my personal tips on how I plan my family meals. I designed an easy grocery list system which can be implemented using a traditional paper list, or a template on a digital planner on the GoodNotes app. (Android users can use the Xodo app) This meal plan & grocery list system streamlines time for cooking meals for your family and can keep you stress-free, keep your family within your food budget and you’ll waste less food. PLUS: Using a digital planner for family meal planning available!

How to Groom Your Havanese

with helpful dog haircut video! It’s time for our store mascot, Trapper, to get a haircut! Havanese dogs have a wonderful hypoallergenic coat of hair that can grow very long. Our Trapper needs to have his hair cut on a regular basis–more often in the … Read more

What is a Digital Planner?

You may be familiar with a paper planner, but have no idea what a digital planner is. Let us teach you!

FREE 2020 Printable Calendar

FREE 2020 Printable Calendar

We are gearing up for another new year at Blessing by Design! We have a special gift for all of those who are subscribed to our store’s monthly email newsletter. Momma has taken the monthly calendars from our 2020 Inspire Me Digital Planner and made … Read more

Everything Rice Krispie Treat

Everything Rice Krispie Treat

Do you want to serve your family, party and holiday guests a delicious dessert? Are you already swamped with cooking a large meal and getting ready for guests? Then you need a fast and easy to make dessert that’s a true crowd pleaser. Everyone loves … Read more

Brine and Roast Whole Turkey plus gravy recipe

Easy, Step by Step, Brine & Roast a Turkey

with bonus recipe for gravy! Are you intimidated by roasting a whole turkey for your holiday meal? Don’t be! I’m confident that you can make a delicious and savory turkey dinner. You just need the following recipes and step by step instructions. I’ve included tons … Read more

Friendly Costume Ideas for Kids

Are you trying to figure out a costume idea for your kids? I’ve made some costumes and bought some costumes over the years that I want to share with you. Maybe you’ll be inspired with a new idea for your kids to wear.  Some of … Read more


Decorating Cakes with Candy Melts

I love to bake and decorate cakes! You can design a fun birthday cake just using candy melts for the decorations. Candy Melts come in lots of colors…that are vanilla flavor, but there’s light cocoa candy melts too. In this post, I may call them … Read more

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