Writing the WORD Gallery Wall (with demo video)

Rinne and I love crafting together! Today, we’re attempting to share the simple and easy way that you can create some wall art for your home using inexpensive materials and very little time. One of our newest favorite tools is chalk markers. Crafty Croc chalk markers in earthy tones are the ones we’ve used, and I would highly recommend them. We also enjoy shopping Hobby Lobby and that’s where we picked up some small canvases super cheap.

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Around our store, you’ll hopefully find lots of inspiring words. We read the Bible a lot around here because we find great truth, teaching and inspiration from the words. If you read the Bible, there’s lots you can learn about words and the power that comes from what we speak. 

For example:

  • Genesis 1:1 | God said, “Let there be…” and the entire universe was created
  • John 1:1 | Jesus IS the WORD who is God and was at the beginning and became flesh
  • John 6:63 | words that Jesus spoke are spirit and life
  • Hebrews 4:12 | the word of God is powerful and it discerns the intents of man’s heart

We’ve all experienced what an encouraging word can do to lift our spirit and we’ve known the sadness that overwhelms
us when we hear discouraging words.

With words being such a big part of life, Rinne and I wanted to create artwork in our home that reflected and honored this theme. Using Bible scriptures in English and also ancient Hebrew words (see Rinne’s blog about how & why she’s learning ancient Hebrew), we created a gallery wall that highlights the WORD. I had made some doodles on a spiral notebook when I did Bible studies, so we’ve taken some of those illustrations as ideas and created wall art. You’ll also find some products around the store that we directly recreated from these same drawings (see our Growing Into Jesus collection).

For our demo, we kept it very simple. IMPORTANT TIP: If you’ve never used chalk markers, practice a bit on paper before you start. Follow the directions on the chalk markers about shaking them and pressing the tip to get the paint flowing.

Watch our video of Rinne creating a canvas that says: “Don’t Give UP!

Now it’s your turn…

  • Take your white canvas and paint it with black acrylic paint.
  • Allow paint to dry.
  • Write your message with white (or light colored) marker…that’s it!

Don’t worry about perfection. The way you write will be your style. In fact, making it a little ‘messy’ gives you more room for error and creates more character. If it looks ‘too perfect’ you can retrace your writing to make it more interesting. You can leave the words as white, or add colored embellishments, such as slashes or dots…you can even alternate the words in different colors.

To make an entire gallery wall, you can write with chalk markers on different materials. We used some cedar fence planks to write the Hebrew words for, “Father, Son and Spirit.” We took some watercolor paper that we washed with color, framed, and then wrote on the glass with the chalk markers. The great thing about writing on glass is it’s not permanent. With a little water and paper towel you can erase what you write on the glass. If you’re a little unsure about writing on canvas, writing on glass may be where you’d like to try this project first. You can change out verses and even write for the season. Mixing up the entire wall with a couple of shelves that hold books, and adding metal letters that we bought from a craft store completes the WORD theme.

Anyone can do this…so grab your kids and make it a fun project together.

Be blessed!
– Momma
p.s. This proud Momma has to give praise to Rinne for her video intro animation that she created with her pet caricatures for our demo video. She never ceases to impress me with her talents!

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