Friendly Costume Ideas for Kids

Are you trying to figure out a costume idea for your kids? I’ve made some costumes and bought some costumes over the years that I want to share with you. Maybe you’ll be inspired with a new idea for your kids to wear. 

Some of these were for plays, some for history fair and some for trick-or-treating. None of these will break the bank and some of them have pieces that your kids already have in their closet or can be reused for future costumes! A couple of these require some sewing skills but most of these use items you can easily fashion or find. 

Be sure to fix their hair and/or makeup creatively and throw in some props to make a great costume. I hope my tips of reusing some basic items helps remove fear of spending time and money on your kids’ costumes. It’s also fun to have the kids pose in creative ways for memorable pictures. 

Photoshop Fun:  When I had a Pixie Fairy, Batman and Princess to dress up, I had a little fun with Photoshop backgrounds for their scrapbooks. Hopefully these pictures help inspire your ideas and creative side. Have fun and enjoy!

Puppy Costume

This idea is ideal because after the costume is worn, the spots can be removed and then the sweatsuit can be worn again. All you need is sweatshirt and sweatpants all the same color. They can be white, brown or black. Purchase 1/2 yard or so of furry fabric in a contrasting color to the sweatsuit and cut into spots of all sizes.

Sew the furry spots loosely with long stitches of thread that is the same color as the furry fabric so that they stay in place, but after your event you can easily remove the ‘spots.’ You can create a tail by sewing a tube of the furry fabric, stuffing it and stitching loosely into the pants. All-over face paint (or at least a black nose and some freckles) is a must to finish off this costume!

Ballerina Costume

This is exciting if your daughter is not in a dance class. I found this ballerina leotard/tutu at a kids consignment shop.

She can wear black dress shoes, slip-on ballet shoes or just footie socks with some tights. Pull her hair into a bun wrapped with ribbon or wear a headband.

Angel or Pixie Fairy Costume

Rinne always let me paint her face with these costumes. Oh…and the spray glitter for the hair was a must. She loved to be an angel with long pearl necklaces, feather halo, and wings worn with a white simple sheath dress and silver flats. We recycled this white sheath dress on several costumes.

A store-bought fairy or angel costume can always be kicked up a notch with face paint and glitter hairspray.

Superheroes Costume

Anyone can be a superhero, but even with a store-bought costume, i.e. Batman, Spiderman or Superman, you can pull off a great look. Make memorable pics by having Spidey ‘climb a wall’ or definitely slick back Superman’s hair for a super stylish look.

Egyptian Costume

For school History Fairs, I had needed Egyptian costumes for my two oldest kids. There’s that white sheath dress as seen on the angel that was from a store-bought costume with a large gold collar and belt. 

By the time my son needed to be an Egyptian too, I sewed a simple large t-shirt dress out of an old bed sheet, but you could easily use an oversized adult tee instead. We created the collar and arm cuffs from cardboard, gold paint and tape. The gold fabric belt was a simple band with a long diamond-end shape to hang on the front.

I fashioned the Egyptian hair from an old out-grown black t-shirt by cutting off the bottom half, bunching it with a rubber band on one end then flipping that inside out and cutting a small square shape out around one side. The face paint for this one…some heavy eyeliner. My son still can’t believe he let me put that makeup on him!

Baby Cave Man, a.k.a “Bamm-Bamm” Costume

For my baby boy, I took a large piece of brown felt to make a simple caveman costume. A large rectangle for the body wrap, and a long strip of fabric to go over the shoulder are easily pinned together. To finish off this costume, I cut a club from a large piece of lightweight cardboard. 

Tennis Pro Costume

Easy-peasy on this one as long as you own a tennis racket! Shorts, t-shirt, tennis shoes, visor cap and racket pull this one off in a snap!

Pioneer Man Costume

I bought this brown fringe shirt for a play that my son was in.  It only had to be paired with black jeans, boots and white undershirt. I had to share because I liked his ‘explorer’ pose.

Renaissance Lady Costume

Old sheets can be your best costume making friend! I impressed myself with sewing this underdress out of my old bed sheet. I didn’t even have a pattern…just an idea in my head.

With basic sewing skills and a little gumption, I pulled off this look for Rinne in her Renaissance part of the History Fair.

I also made the blue velvet overdress. A little gold cord wrapped around as a belt helps pull off the theme.

The gold and blue velvet roll through her hair finished this one off quite nicely.

Colonial Girl Costume

I love to reuse and recycle. So, don’t be afraid to take the time to make or spend the money to buy a basic piece that can be used for many costumes. My renaissance underdress easily transformed into a colonial dress when paired with an apron over it. An old baby bonnet of Rinne’s worked as a hair bun cover!

Cute Cowboy Costume

I’ve got to throw in a Texan-inspired costume. This one was great for my two-year-old son. The props definitely pull this one together. Black cowboy hat, six shooter gun, sheriff badge, red bandanna, boots, jeans and crisp white shirt make for one handsome little buckaroo.

I would love to hear from you and your costume making adventures! Please share this post with your friends who may be looking for costume ideas for their kids!

As always, Rinne and I really appreciate your stopping by to read about all the stories that happen behind our store. Take a moment and shop our store and have a blessed day!

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