Paper vs Digital Planner

Digital vs. Paper Planners – Part 2

Hello everyone! Are you ready for part 2 of our Digital vs. Paper Planner Comparison? Well here it is! (If you missed part 1, check it out here.) By the way, we’ve created another video on Portability of planners to go along with this blog. … Read more

Paperless vs Digital Planner

Digital vs. Paper Planners – Part 1

Hello everyone! I’m really excited about this new series Momma and I are starting. In this series, we will be comparing apples to apples between traditional, paper planners and the modern, digital planners. Through varied scenarios, we will be comparing planners—the pros and cons that … Read more

Mexican Chicken Soup Recipe

Mexican Chicken Soup to Feed The Family

My family and I absolutely LOVE my delicious, spicy, cheesy, creamy, tummy-warming soup—and you will too. I was inspired to create this easy Mexican chicken soup recipe about 20 years ago because I missed eating at a restaurant that served a similar tortilla soup. Over … Read more