About Rinne & Momma

Great design is everywhere! We are daughter & mother graphic designers, a.k.a. Rinne and Momma, who love to create. We want to share our designs, ideas and tips for everyday life and ultimately bless you — which is why we are called Blessing by Design.

As fine artists, graphic designers, ministers, crafters, decorators, cooks & bakers, knitters, gardeners, teachers and party planners, we join together to run our graphic design business: The Digital Easel; and our online store: Blessing by Design. We’ll write about topics and events that make up our day-to-day lives—everything we do in our home and businesses: home decor, running the business, cooking & recipes, party planning ideas, being a parent, Bible studies, gardening and our pets. As creative artists we’ll bring a fresh perspective on all of these that you can apply to your needs.

Momma's Hands Drawing

Rinne's Hands Knitting

We love using our hands to create. That’s why we show our hands and not our faces. We want to be known by the hands that made us, our Creator and Father in heaven and for our lives to give Him the glory in all we do. All of our designs are handmade by the hands that you see above—and we can customize just about everything. We are blessed and we want to share blessings with you through all that we create and say here. We are so happy that you stopped by. May you find light, love, inspiration and encouragement here.