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A Reminder of What LOVE Is

I’m offering you a true message and reminders of what love is and who you are. Do this simple exercise every day: replace your name everywhere it says LOVE in these verses from 1 Corinthians.  Your perspective, your joy, how you treat others—your life will … Read more

A Tale of Two Trees - Bear Good Fruit

Lessons from My Garden: A Tale of Two Trees

I woke up this crisp November morning to a beautiful Hibiscus bloom—in my dining room. There is one tree with a beautiful blossom and buds, and the other tree with lots of falling and yellowing leaves. The blossoming tree has open reaching outward branches and … Read more

Hebrew?! Why Hebrew?!

Hebrew is a beautiful language and I absolutely love it. It also happens to be the original language of the whole Old Testament and even some of the New Testament. I found my love for Hebrew when my family and I started reading the Bible … Read more