Hi all! Thanks for taking the time to look at my store.

Some of you might be wondering why a teenager is starting her own online store. It all started 4 years ago when I decided to learn the design applications that my Momma uses. I would watch my Momma, a self-employed graphic designer, work on her computer and make all these cool designs with these applications. I was really intrigued and I wanted to do the same thing, so I went online and I started to learn these programs. As I went through the tutorials, I would create all the tutorial exercises and, eventually, I started making designs of my own. Momma was impressed by the fact that I was willing to spend hours on end to learn and use these programs, so she asked me if I would help her with her business. Today, I’ve been helping my Momma for the last 3 years and now she is helping me with my business. We are business partners in most everything, so I wouldn’t dream of embarking on this endeavor without her. This store is filled with designs that we created together and each design has a story behind it. Sign up for our newsletter and you’ll always be up to date on why and what we’re creating.

Thanks again for looking at my small corner of the Web. Have a blessed day!

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