FREE 2021 Printable Calendar

Get Organized with a FREE 2021 Printable Calendar

We are excited for another new year at Blessing by Design! We have a special gift for all of those who are subscribed to our store’s monthly email newsletter. Momma has taken the monthly calendars from our 2021 Motivate Me Mom’s Digital Planner and made them a FREE monthly printable … Read more

family schedule planner

How to Create A Family Schedule for Work & School at Home

How to plan and organize your family’s schedules! Are you working from home and possibly schooling from home too? Today, with COVID-19 guidelines, many have been unexpectedly thrown into the world of working from home and having their children school from home. I want to … Read more

How to Use My Simple Family Meal Planning System

How to Use My Simple Family Meal Planning System

Are you struggling to plan meals and cook for your family? I share with you my personal tips on how I plan my family meals. I designed an easy grocery list system which can be implemented using a traditional paper list, or a template on a digital planner on the GoodNotes app. (Android users can use the Xodo app) This meal plan & grocery list system streamlines time for cooking meals for your family and can keep you stress-free, keep your family within your food budget and you’ll waste less food. PLUS: Using a digital planner for family meal planning available!

Football Season is Here! Be a FAN.

 Whether you shout Gig ‘em, Roll Tide, Sic ‘em, Go Gators, Hook ‘em, Boomer Sooner, Go Dawgs, or Geaux Tigers, undoubtedly you’ve got a team that your family cheers for.     Football, American football, is the top sport in our home. We love the fall season for the cooler weather, yes, but we really love … Read more

Organize Pool Party Towels

Organize Pool Towels for Family and Guests

Our family got a backyard swimming pool two years ago. We are two adults and three kids who swim almost everyday in our pool. I needed lots of towels and I wanted NICE pool towels. Not too thick, but absorbent and could dry quickly if … Read more

Photographing Kids

Taking Natural Photos of Your Kids

Over the 18 years that I’ve been a parent, I’ve opted to take annual photos of my kids instead of going to a studio or hiring a professional. In the beginning, there were a few times I did go to the in-store photo studios, but … Read more

Paper vs Digital Planner

Digital vs. Paper Planners – Part 2

Hello everyone! Are you ready for part 2 of our Digital vs. Paper Planner Comparison? Well here it is! (If you missed part 1, check it out here.) By the way, we’ve created another video on Portability of planners to go along with this blog. … Read more

Paperless vs Digital Planner

Digital vs. Paper Planners – Part 1

Hello everyone! I’m really excited about this new series Momma and I are starting. In this series, we will be comparing apples to apples between traditional, paper planners and the modern, digital planners. Through varied scenarios, we will be comparing planners—the pros and cons that … Read more

Kids Can Help in the Kitchen: 3 Tips That Will Help Them Help You

I love to eat; therefore, I love to cook. I love to cook, but I hate to do dishes. Therefore, I need my whole family of five involved around the kitchen. I’ve tried to plan my kitchen so that everything is organized yet still very … Read more

First Baby Essentials & Tips

My first baby was born in 2001. Yikes! I’m sure baby stuff has changed a bit since then, ha, ha, but one thing for sure hasn’t changed—this question: What do I REALLY need for my first baby?  (and the essentials haven’t changed) I remember being … Read more