When It’s Game Day…

We are football fans at our house. It’s a common topic of conversation. It’s great family bonding too. Football is a subject that’s second only to talking about Jesus and the Bible around here. We enjoy hanging out together watching games and enjoying GAME DAY … Read more

Easy Holiday Style with T-shirts

We wanted to show our readers a great (and easy) way to style our holiday t-shirts for the season! We live in Texas, so snow in December is very rare, especially in Central Texas. And in some parts of Texas (and many other parts of … Read more

First Baby Essentials & Tips

My first baby was born in 2001. Yikes! I’m sure baby stuff has changed a bit since then, ha, ha, but one thing for sure hasn’t changed—this question: What do I REALLY need for my first baby?  (and the essentials haven’t changed) I remember being … Read more

When It’s Fall…

When I think of the fall season, I think of pumpkins! As far as feeling like it’s fall, for me it’s putting out a few pumpkins and instantly it feels like fall. I’ve lived in Texas my whole life, and we don’t always get a … Read more

Why My Havanese Dog Is Our Perfect Family Pet

Today many families are scouring the Internet to find the perfect dog for their family, and mine happened to be one of them. We searched all over the internet for the perfect dog. We searched for dogs that are good with kids and families and … Read more

Hebrew?! Why Hebrew?!

Hebrew is a beautiful language and I absolutely love it. It also happens to be the original language of the whole Old Testament and even some of the New Testament. I found my love for Hebrew when my family and I started reading the Bible … Read more