How to Groom Your Havanese

with helpful dog haircut video! It’s time for our store mascot, Trapper, to get a haircut! Havanese dogs have a wonderful hypoallergenic coat of hair that can grow very long. Our Trapper needs to have his hair cut on a regular basis–more often in the … Read more

5 Reasons Why I’m a Converted Jack Russell Fan

This past April, we ventured to get a Jack Russell, even with all of the VERY mixed reviews we had heard. We had a problem with mice living in our pool waterfalls and we preferred not to get a cat. Mostly because we already had … Read more

Boarding Kennel Checklist

Boarding Your Pet: Checklist to Help You Choose

Your pet is a part of your family, but there may be times when you must have him or her stay behind. This can be a difficult decision. Don’t wait. Start checking out local boarding kennels long before you need one. Your veterinarian is probably … Read more

Why My Havanese Dog Is Our Perfect Family Pet

Today many families are scouring the Internet to find the perfect dog for their family, and mine happened to be one of them. We searched all over the internet for the perfect dog. We searched for dogs that are good with kids and families and … Read more

First Week Update

Hi all! It’s been a week since I opened so I wanted to do an update on how things are going. A big thank you to all of those who came the first day, gave feedback and advice. We have had a lot of support … Read more